Staff Members

Staff Members

Executive Director

Email: rocio (at)

November 18, 2019-- The Board of Directors of Funders for Reproductive Equity (FRE) announced today that Rocio Córdoba, will become the next Executive Director of FRE effective December 16, 2019. For the past 20 years, Rocio has worked in several leadership positions in the reproductive health, rights, and justice field as well as in the philanthropic sector. As the new Executive Director, Rocio will usher in an exciting new era of leadership that will advance FRE’s role in leading philanthropy to optimize resources for all people’s freedom over their sexual and reproductive lives.  

“Rocio’s deep commitment to the field of reproductive equity, health, rights, and justice with insight into the intersectionality of reproductive equity across racial, gender, economic, LGBTQ, human rights, environmental justice, and international issues will be vital to leading FRE into the future,” said Surina Khan, Co-Chair of the Board of FRE and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California.

“Rocio is a visionary leader who brings insight, understanding and experience that is critical to FRE’s future as a leading organization in philanthropy,” added Joanna Lauen, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of FRE and a Senior Program Officer with the Irving Harris Foundation.

Operations Director

Email: narada (at)

Narada Lee has served as FRE’s Operations Director since 1999. Over her long tenure she has overseen the administrative side of the organization and impressed members with her superb meeting planning skills, lightning-speed response time and overall ability to make complicated things look easy. Narada came to FRE from her post as grants manager for the Moriah Fund, and she previously worked as a Marketing Officer at the Thai Embassy in Washington, DC in charge of textile trade between the US and Thailand. She holds a B.S. in International Business and Finance from American University. Narada lives with her husband Danny and two sons, Devin and Nolan, a dog and a cat in Rockville, Maryland.

Program Director

Email: jne (at)

Jackie brings a lifelong passion for human rights and social justice—and 15 years of experience as a human rights grantmaker and advocate—to bear in conceptualizing, developing and implementing FRE programming. Her responsibilities include coordinating the International Funders and Youth Leadership and Engagement Working Groups; sharing the direction of FRE’s two annual conferences and fundraising. Prior to joining FRE, Jackie advocated for women’s rights and access to health services in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America at Catholics for Choice, where she also delighted in challenging the Catholic hierarchy and antichoice policymakers on television, radio, blogs and in print. Earlier in her career, Jackie contributed to women's rights movement building in Mesoamerica at Just Associates (JASS); provided financial support to human rights organizations in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and the United States as a grantmaker at the Moriah Fund and supported a cross-national team of international human rights attorneys at the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL). A proud Peruvian-Texan, Jackie makes her home in Washington, DC.

Interim Executive Director

Email: crystal (at)

Crystal Plati is founder and Principal of The CP Factor, a consulting firm which provides a range of organizational development and programmatic services to foundations, nonprofits, and individuals to advance justice and equality in the U.S. Crystal’s areas of expertise are short and long-term program and strategy planning, managing 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 advocacy campaigns, organizational assessments, meeting facilitation, leadership transition planning and on-boarding, executive coaching, and board development. Recent and former clients include the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE), General Service Foundation, Guttmacher Institute, Intersections of our Lives, Ms. Foundation for Women, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), National Coalition of State STD Directors, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, United for Gender and Reproductive Equity (URGE) and the Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights (VACIR).

Crystal has led national progressive nonprofit, political, and philanthropic organizations across the U.S. as Executive Director for Choice USA, 21st Century Democrats, and Progressive Majority. She also served as an Interim Director/Manager for the General Service Foundation and for the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. Crystal was the Campaign Director for CAMBIO, the campaign to win comprehensive immigration reform and reform harsh enforcement policy in 2013. She worked with the National Immigration Law Center to develop and launch a long-term campaign to ensure that immigrants have access to affordable health care. Throughout her career, Crystal has served on numerous boards and is currently the Board Chair of the Management Assistance Group and a board member of the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice. Crystal and her family immigrated from Cyprus to New York City in the 1970s. She is proud to call Washington, D.C. her home for the last 25 years and enjoys down time with the amazing group of friends and colleagues she has developed through her work and travels!